westculture. SMARTPEN


westculture. SMARTPEN

Looking for the perfect battery to use with your favorite cartridges? Look no further!

Temperature Control
Different temperatures can alter your experience. Lower temperatures allow you to experience the taste, and higher temperatures can elevate you to the next level.

Let’s not make things complicated. The SMARTPEN automatically activates when you inhale. No button required.

The SMARTPEN looks and feels amazing in your hands. With a discrete design and satin finish, this will surely be love at first touch.

Save $15 on a SMARTPEN by pairing it with any cartridge we sell at Westculture. The option to bundle it is on every cartridge page.


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24 reviews for westculture. SMARTPEN

  1. JenniferG48

    While it may not be small and inconspicuous enough for public use like the Flyte pen, the new Westculture pen makes up for it with a few extra bells and whistles. You can tell a great deal of thought was put into its design. There’s no button to press. Just tap the end to turn it off and on and to adjust the heat or pre heat. The tip glows different colours depending on the temperature setting when in use. Very cool over all. The only negative things I could find would be the length, it’s quite long with the cartridge attached, and that the lowest heat setting is still a little high to get the full taste of flavoured cartridges. Overall it was a great buy for the introductory $10 price and I would recommend it even at full price.

  2. Merbear87

    Considering the price point alone, I would definitely recommend anyone that likes to vape on the go or even conveniently at home get this pen. Not only is it dope in terms of the touch “button” at the bottom at the pen glowing different colours for different indications, but the 3 temps are perfect in my opinion. Thank you west culture!

  3. Frank1979


  4. EverySingleName61

    You remember how big and bulky the very first Ironman suit Robert Downey Jr. wore in the movie looked? And it could only do like 2 things, was super slow and cumbersome, and could only kinda fly?
    And you know how sleek, futuristic, and incredible the new Ironman suits he wears in the newer movies now look? And they can do all sorts of crazy shit like fire death lasers and literally take him to outer space?
    That’s how it feels upgrading from a Flyte pen to the new Westculture smartpen. Both are wonderful Marvels of technology, but this shit is the future, baby.

  5. Lindsay2590

    This is a very smart vape pen for its size. I like the different heat settings and the led light at the bottom of the pen to indicate what options your on. Being able to check your battery life is wicked too. The only things I wish were different was the weight is lighter so it makes it top heavy with the oil cartidge attached and it’s a little longer then I’d like for my tiny hands.

  6. yckmd_72

    For the price point, you really cannot beat this pen. The pen works through a series of taps on the tip, with different coloured lights representing different settings. It can be a bit much at first, but once you’ve used it a couple times you’ll forget about it. I love that you can check the battery by holding your finger on it and looking at the LED color. Highly recommend this.

  7. TreeBeard98

    Best high tech vape pen around, I absolutely love it! Its bigger than the flyte pen but the sleek look with no buttons makes up for it! Highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a good quality vape pen at an unbeatable price!

  8. AH09

    Slim, great tech, love it more than the flyte pen. Use it with flyte cartridges. The colors are cool too. It is our favorite pen

  9. jennanddave90

    For the price you honestly get an amazing deal!! Great pen, super nice to hold, very discreet! I love it!!

  10. Afroholic

    I don’t know what sort of deal with the devil you folks at Westculture made to get this futuristic alien tech. But its well worth it this thing is superb.

  11. Rixzzy78

    the best pen out here. better than the flyte pen. 3 temps. sleek design. just go ahead and buy it already

  12. Euphorik00028

    Absolutely love that pen, so discreet and sleek. Love the touch feature to control the different settings, very simple to use! I purchasing another one for the girlfriend!

  13. Eric Milito

    This is an awesome piece of tech. All of the features work as advertised and are all amazing in themselves. Wouldn’t change a thing. Feels great in the hands, smooth, easy to use. Love the ability to check the battery charge so you never miss a beat.

  14. Nessmeister45

    I absolutely love this pen! 3 temperatures, 3 colors, no button!

  15. centurion4040

    Perfect!!! Efficient, easy to use and gives you a nice pull with each toke. I’d keep it on low settings until you can manage the highs ones. She’ll give you a smack in the face! I would recommend this pen to anyone. Best value, best buy for any cartridge!

  16. Saki24

    Pretty good for price, discreet and flavourful

  17. phyld24

    Works and looks great. I like not having to push a button to use

  18. Colleen Parkes

    I’ve tried many other pens and this far exceeds their quality. For battery life which is amazing unlike its competitors. And the ability to choose temps is great. Also without a button no one accidentally burns the the oil!

  19. Blue18

    I love its sleekness. The colorful lights make it simple to use and give an elegant and cool look to it.

  20. Nick41669

    Sick pen easy to use.

  21. ErikaT16

    I had a bad experience with another brand of pen and the amazing customer service at Westculture sent me this one. It is far superior! The temperature control, the pull is smooth, and the lights are pretty. Highly recommend this one!!!

  22. MichaelH73

    Great Battery and easy to use. Charge lasts a decent amount of time. Works great with the flyte/keyy cartridge as well as the POW distillate cartridge so far. Size is excellent and charging is fast as well. Temp settings are good too. Great smartpen Westculture 🙂

  23. MrPikachuHat

    Works well, and charges quickly! Plus all the colours make it feel like a rave.

  24. Nicola2482

    best vape pen ever, so easy to charge and works so simple

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